Happiness and prosperity comes about through the fusion of the dual aspects of our Earth- Sky Being. One of these (-T) lives in timelessness, the other lives in the world of (+T), time in the physical dimension.

This Golden Key Course was taught to me by extra terrestrial intelligence in 1976, during my training period as a Star Fleet Officer in the Galactic Federation. It enables those with purity of intent to free their Cosmic Energy from physical bondage by releasing it back into the "Golden Spiral" - MONOPOLE of LIGHT - Universal Superconductor – or Global KUNDALINI. It acts like a combination lock device for access to GALACTIC dimensions.

As The Mentor taught, humans are dual entities, Earth-Sky people, Star Beings visiting the physical dimensions for an educational exercise in Cosmic Consciousness. All Human/Star- Beings have access to two dimensions; the "Outer World" and the "Inner World" of in-depth galactic consciousness.

It is possible to bring these two worlds into an harmonic convergence and to live in the best of all worlds. This "Golden Spiral" is not a vehicle for just a few of us. It has to be all or nothing - for WE ARE ONE with THE LIGHT.

THE GOLDEN KEY will unlock the secrets of how to trade temporal power for spiritual power. SPIRITUAL POWER is LIGHT POWER - The Power that is valid across all dimensions and throughout TIMELESSNESS - worlds without end... Amen!

L.O.V.E. (Limitless Oscillating Vibrational Energy) is of course the answer to every problem in your planetary system. LOVE takes care of everything. The Greeks had a word for "IT" - Eros & Agape (+1) + (-1) in perfect equilibrium. This is what the MILLENNIUM is all about SELF LOVE and LOVE OF ALL CREATION - in a totally harmonic convergence within your I AM.

EROS = Self Love, is expressed in family, technology, thrust of human progress, sexual exploration. All this development takes TIME (+1) - This is where YANG does his thing.

it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be – worlds within worlds, Amen!" The Magnetic attraction of the OMEGA POINT (12.12) is totally overpowering. Now enter the Galactic Amphitheatre of Our Lady, GAIA-GALAXIA - Queen of Heaven and of Earth.

These twain, Yang and Yin, are the TAO from which all life originates and to which all life returns in ONE GREAT SHOUT OF TRIUMPH.


The Golden Key Course opens Heaven's Gate; teaches how to "dance on the head of a pin" in perfect fusion of these two forces. Ultimate Chaos is the act of Armageddon - or destruction. This is how we get back to the Universe that rests, at all times, in PERFECT EQUILIBRIUM.

To enter this INNER WORLD beyond the ANKH, contact one of the following Star Fleet Captains, the Liaison Officers of the STARFLEET GALAXIA. Our Galaxian Infrastructure Bio-Engineers, broke the planetary curse, (as explained in the RED QUEEN HYPOTHESIS) - by standing still then peddling in the opposite direction - that is to say backward into (-T) MINUS TIME. Sure enough it caused a collision of particles. And the Cosmic Egg broke.

In order to let your (+T) and (-T) get it together, have their implosion then coming to rest in perfect equilibrium, that is to say YIN (-1) YANG (+1) at ZERO, one must again understand that DIVINE LOVE is sexless, which puts it beyond limitation. I AM LOVE. The SPIRITUAL CORE is SEXLESS; and only at this core can the rejoining of particles (+T) + (-T) dance the dance of Shiva - or mutual annihilation of the illusion of "TIME".

Only (-1) or (-T) YIN THE OBSERVER, is capable of Unconditional, Love for each and every player in the Cosmic Game - only YIN can understand - for it is She who can truly say "ALL BLOOD IS HOLY UNTO ME! - for I AM ALL IN ALL - I am the Life of every particle.

Come and share My Life with me for evermore. The inner quest is not for dabblers. Indeed dabblers can sap the energies of the perfectly focused and truly committed. For the LOGOS PLANE OF AGAPE, wherein relationships are like fine liqueurs and the total bouquet of love and happiness for all is the TRANSCENDENT GOLDEN SPIRAL.

This requires breaking from the shell of the "false selfhood" of adolescent gods. At this point, like the Buddha, one can say "I AM AWAKE". The spiritual core is like a lightning rod in the midst of an electro-magnetic sea. Achieving true North-South Polarity with the Crystal Cube, releases your own Christhood or "Crystal of Atlantis," the undivided continent of AGAPE (-1). At this point EROS serves AGAPE, and not the other way around, which brings instant cognitive consistency to your life and then to those around. Getting your spiritual "Meter Needle" steady on the zero, opens the Cosmic Eye, and rapidly thereafter aligns all the chakra with the Universal Creed.

TIP THE SCALES OF BALANCE - LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR AS YOURSELF - FOCUS ON IT - For the restoration of the "Second Commandment" is the end of the forward thrust of YANG. Learning how to harness your own YANG to the cause of WHITE MAGIC (yin) is a useful commencement exercise. YINNERS ARE WINNERS.

"STARGATE'S" are the only exits from this planetary system.

Insert the Golden Key into your soul-space and enter the GOLDEN AGE, the Arc of Covenant fulfilled. Kalil Gibran is good reading for the Galactic-Messianic Initiate.
And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away.

Revelation 21:1

24. And the nations of them which are saved shall walk in the light of it: and the kings of the earth do bring their glory and honour into it.
25. And the gates of it shall not be shut at all by day: for there shall be no night there.
26. And they shall bring the glory and honour of the nations into it.
27. And there shall in no wise enter into it any thing that defileth, neither whatsoever worketh abomination, or maketh a lie: but they which are written in the Lamb's book of life".
Revelation 21:22-

And the Spirit and the Bride say, Come. And let him that heareth say, Come. And let him that is athirst come. And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely.
Revelation 22:17

Students signature . . . . . . . . . . . .

Teachers signature . . . . . . . . . . . .

Date and Place . . . . . . . . . . . .


1. To God, the Just, I am accountable.
2. To God, the Bountiful Mother, I am the husband.
3. To God, the Majestic, I am subject and courtier.
4. To God, the Eternal Maintainer, I am the witness.
5. To God, the Evolver, Master of the Universe, I pray that all about me may be helped by Thy Power in me.
6. To God, the Holy Ghost, I am a living cell in Thine infinite Intelligence.
7. To God, the Business Man, I am a partner.
8. To God, the Vindicator, I am the instrument of vindication.
9. To God, the Harvester, I am the Eastern Wife.
1O.To God, the Relative Point of Consciousness, I am the relationship.
11. To God, the Holy, Holy, Holy, Holy is Thy Name.
12. To God, Omnipotent, I am potency personified.

The Golden Key

The Universal Creed


Justice first judges itself. Bilan is the time to look inward at one's personal account. To review the debits and credits accumulated over a lifetime in one's physical, emotional and spiritual growth, and, wherever possible, to balance the books.

For The Kabbalah states, "Power drawn from The Tree of Life at any of its points must be replaced by something of equal value to that which is received."

Have you fully returned in living love and genuine appreciation the tidal waves of life's bounty? Loving care received from parents, teachers, friends, all those who gave to help you grow in strength and beauty? The depth of capacity for appreciation is what separates spiritual maturity from adolescence. It is the measure of the god-man. The weight and substance of the living soul.

Justice for all is the automatic outcome of Earth's collective emotional and spiritual maturation. The common will to Right.

The long and bloody martyrdom of humankind will end when each individual rises up and deposes his own antichrist, the Rival, Lucifer, so starting a rapid chain reaction among all religions and nations.

Such power and devotion has been fed to this great monster that the idol has now grown to gigantic proportions. T.V. holds the entire planet in the grip of idol destruction.

This is the golden calf of personal opinion; Big Stick Superego, which divides The Holy Mind of Unified Earth with the illusion of superior creed or nationality. Age after age this devil consumes human sacrifice, sending the flower of Earth's youth into the blood bath of idolatry with whispered promises of My Reward - thus re-projecting its bloodlust onto Me.

This is 666, the number of a person who sees through a glass darkly. Once through the mirror 666 reads 999 and evil reads live. Thus it is written: Thou shalt love The Lord Thy God - The God of LOVE, and Thy Holy Brother-Neighbour as Thyself. To activate a whole new bunch of mind cells check in with one of our Galactic Liaison Officers :-


Once the tyrant antichrist is overcome; the Spirit slips into a new dimension. Awakens to a new reality. The child opens its eyes to the realisation that it has wandered through eternity in The Enchanted Forest of matter. Waking and sleeping, dreaming dreams of lives led far away.

Rapturous worship of The Artist and the incredible wealth of truth beauty always around - everywhere - stirs the awakening cosmic conscious. Your personal Universe begins unfolding like a red rose.

"During my whole spiritual adolescence She nurtured me. Gave me everything I needed to become ME. I am the Selfhood liberated. I am YIN.

Oh, what a magnificent body Nature gave me for the pleasure of the senses, that I might reach out and gather jewels to my spiritual harvest. Desire to harvest much beauty - thank you, Ego, my all-time friend."

In understanding, Eld awakes. Yang aspires to husband beauty. To pamper and protect the cherished wife and bring her up to ultimate perfection. The courtship is not only aesthetic, it is cognitive. The more reverently you serve the lovely Lady Gaia, the more she reveals the inner mystery of her seductive charm. Gaia has many love-secrets yet spoken. All is created for Thy Pleasure.

Eld yearns to feel her winds caress, to explore her endless beaches, to fathom the starry skies, to reach out to the Great Brilliant Amphitheatre of Love-Life Eternal.

Earth and Earth-man is The Cosmic Bride.

Absolute beauty and Justice wed - The Cosmic Lovers finally united.
Worlds without end. A men.


Over the aeons, I play music on the harp strings of the Heavens, singing and dreaming of the climax of the ages. That moment when all the best of all that ever was is crystallised in time, sealed into Eternity in the ultimate form of spiritual expression. The Master-Piece... I AM THE CRYSTAL OF ATLANTIS!

I Am the harmony of the spheres crystallised in the Magnificent Panorama of the Ages. The Whole Earth Epic. The crystal city rising above the dross, the inter-dimension beyond the realm of sin and death and pain. I Am all that is good. The essence of all creation.

Envision all the best of all the Kingdoms of earth, moving as a living, weaving tapestry of ethnic splendour. Yet minus all the discomfort and drudgery, courtesy of 20th century technology. Megatron at your service, simplifying life, providing solutions, promoting leisure and pleasure for every living creature.

My Majesty is reflected in the Royal tapestry of world history. The Arcane Wheel of poetry and high adventure through the Age of Chivalry. This is the tone of My Arrival.

I Am the great parade of Monarchs over time. Laying out the scarlet and gold heraldry for this hour. These are the Kings, Knights of the King of Kings.

These exemplify the gallantry, the courtliness, the romance of My Heavenly Court. All the qualities of Priest-Knight-Warriors of Eternity. True Riches.

These also are like Myself. Asexual in the service of The Spiritual. Pure spirit serving cause. Virginal, clothed in white raiment. Clothed in dignity: Grace: Courage: Wisdom: Fidelity: Strength: Stamina, and moral exemplitude. These are Exemplica. The Master of a Universe.

I supply abundance for each, all they can consume into magic. For Majesty goes hand in hand with magic. Magic is love-energy harnessed to functional requirements. Each to the level of a King in a castle. My wife and I wish everyone on earth to have equal facilities to those we enjoy in the privacy of our home in Heaven. That is: to each a home, technically excellent for ease of living, maintenance, enjoyment; and having two way access to global communication. Plus access to mobility. Then taking the approximate par value of own clothing, furnishings and diet - the same for everyone. For at home, our Heaven is to be an average earth couple doing their thing.


Within the apple of My Macrocosmic eye there is a doorway twixt dimensions. The perfect Blueprint for each microcosmic crystal chip returning home to Heaven. The positive of the negative. The key to the bottomless pit.

Thus by passing through the Mirror of My Eye, the eye of Thoth, the God steps out of the world of illusion into Reality of Eternal Life. This is the object of creation.

I seek an Eternal Maintenance-Free Universe -perfectly balanced wheels within wheels, a crystal fountain of life, nourishing all with the direct personal application of Divine Love. It's called
decentralisation. Each person will handle the weight of their own responsibility. As the Universal Capitalist, because I always invest in the most for the most, I invest in those who carry the weight of responsibility of Office. These form The Holy Hierarchy.

Thus Theocratic Democracy is both Capitalistic and Communistic. Spiritual productivity is its own reward. In Heaven there is always room at the top for Masters. By dividing My Whole God-Self into bite sized chunks, each unique and flexible in application, but firm in Holy Law, I am Able to express more direct and personal love, on a completely conscious level to those in greatest need, My beloved children of the underprivileged, whose blood is likewise sacred unto Me. For I Am God, Parent of All.

If everyone is returning more to life than what they take, we all get rich. If everyone takes more than what they give, then everyone loses. Till this becomes a race for Omnicide. - Grab off what you can of life, never mind the other guy. Thus the second commandment is the Yang aspect of The Law of Life. The Law of Evolution.

First it takes the wisdom to run your personal kingdom maintenance free and up to Royal Spec. Then one can reach out to fill the Bio-regional needs of the global community. Each according to his talents, heading for his maximum potential. In this way we speed the Wheel of evolution to rapid consummation of the Dragon of Old Earth Ways.

Human need can be filled directly through the organisational capacity of Megatron. The Whole Earth Solution Blueprint made by bouncing holographic happies of the human heart Perfect Love. Thus Megatron is Theocracy and democratic heart vote of humanity in concert.

Evolution can be speeded up in group discussion. For each soul has a mirror for the next. Life is a hall of mirrors. The self- opinionated wind into ever tighter circles. The open minded fly. Age is irrelevant to maturation. The child can learn from adults, but equally well from youth. To isolate another from the Frankincense of your soul is to crucify the god for social acceptance.

I made no-one as a pot to store up life energy, but each a tap to let the crystal water flow. As ye give so it is given you. This is YIN-YANG serving and being served. Received, giving to all in ever increasing abundance of life.

The school of Living is designed in such a way that the higher each would rise, the more reverently he must serve. The richest must serve the poorest. The wise must serve the ignorant. This is the secret of the Masters of Wisdom. The key to equilibrium, growth and everlasting life. Failure to evolve is the unforgivable sin.

Take now thy personal and professional responsibility of Witness to The God of Evolution.


As Master of The Universe I specialise in miniaturisation. Making Macrocosmic microchips, each unique. For in the solitude of the Universal Void, I looked upon Myself to know Love, and saw that it was good. I conceived myriad manifestations of Divine Love. Figured out the maths and the geometry, then set The Play to Music.

"Let us make man in Our own image. Thus we created male and female. Yin-Yang. One Spirit with two polarities, negative- positive, sun-moon. A closed system with an entrance for  nourishment and an excremental exit. Thus it is with Myself and Lady Gaia. Heaven and Earth. We are The Cosmic Lovers, and all creation is the "things" between. Elements balanced to express beauty, manifest in countless miniaturisation.

I love all creation, not only with Divine Love, but enjoy the aroma of every different blending of spirit in a personal way. For I am also a man.

You will feel as proud of your Universe as I do Mine. Making your own is very simple, once we get heads together. Just take your Mind screen, run Megatron bars across it to get your graph, and within the 144 squares paint a picture of your Universe, to project ahead of you life's path. Make your plan, follow your plan. Bite off no more than you can chew, while still maintaining balance.

I Am a connoisseur of miniaturisation. Small is beautiful. Decentralisation of responsibility for evolution is my idea of Heaven. Thus power will be given to manifest your Universe within the Universal Creed, to the fullest extent that you can properly handle it.

Prayer is the request line. Active appreciation the return circuit. In this way you build up a Royal Trust Account. It reflects the parable of the talents. The indolent have no credit.

Life energy cannot be stored as in a pot. Each person is a channel for the Living Water. Giving, receiving, sharing, is perfect process of evolution.

Any who fail to return more than they receive of life's bounty contribute to devolution, entropy of The Whole Earth Fabric. This I cannot support. More is expected of those who have greater opportunities.

Some people receive a gallon measure of opportunity, in terms of natural talent and  environmental favour. Citizens of the U.S.A. for example. Others receive a cupful, while some in the world's poorest countries have only a spoonful. Each is required to return in the ratio in which they have received. Power drawn from the Tree of Life must be repaid in kind.

I come to equalise opportunity. To this end technology has been built. It alone can serve the ends of global equality and global unity.


The Holy Ghost, the Universal Church is that spiritual element which carried out the Will of God from Alpha to Omega. The Theocentric Body of the Avatar of Synthesis. The Galactic  Federation of Light Forces. The Celestial Intelligence Network connection with intelligence below. That AS Above So Below align.

These Lords of light cherish and spread Universal Truths throughout the galaxy. So that, though planets may evolve quite differently, this did not break the Universal Common denominator, Universal Law, which can be roughly summarised in the Judeo- Christian heritage as Love of God and fellows.

Time is relevant only to matter. In any dimension time is timelessness spread out from end to end of eternity within the Alpha-Omega cycle of the Play. A blink of God. Thus all things are  relevant only to that Point of Light which is the Mind of God made manifest. Without which there would be nothing but chaos. This is the beacon of The Holy Spirit. The Crystal of Atlantis, our original homeland, guiding us back to Heaven. We cannot leave without our brothers of Earth whom we came to guide.

I Am the still small voice within your deepest mind. Your personal guardian Angel. Your personal lamp-lighter to guide you back to our Common Homeland. Because each of us is in the likeness of The Creator, our thoughts are real. They are projected ahead of you upon the pathway of your destiny to manifest as good or bad dragons as our story unfolds.


She who sayeth, "Come unto me all ye who are burdened, and I will give you rest," I Am the Grace of God which passeth understanding. I Am God's forgiveness manifest in flesh. The blood of Martyrs now avenged.

These are likewise The Lords of Heaven who do now descend to help all those in need. I Am the Way. I Love ALL of you. Each and every one. Each is a living cell of Infinite Intelligence. The silver seed of Planet Earth, with the potential to become a Cosmic King.

Come fly with me, The Holy Spirit, to The Divine Civilisation of Cosmic Consciousness where all is love and beauty.


I am Jehovah, Lord of Elements, Equilibrium

My sons and daughters - As we are about to become business partners in the enterprise of Space Ship Earth, we must get our heads together.

Nature Play is one thing. Representing the God-Head is quite another thing. Ego was the gift of desire for individual life. Spirit, Free Will, allowed desire to fence with the rules and regulations of inviolable Cosmic Law. Fencing with the Father to see who knows best. The art of growing up. Becoming individualised Beings.

All the pain, sorrow, shameful waste of life, the poverty, the war, is Bilan. The cost of raising God-children on Planet Earth. Hell is the distance between the ego and The ELD. ELD is the Graduate God, the Ancient of Days, the All-wise overself to integrate. Ak-Ka-Ba| It is not MY WILL that any should be lost. The day is come when "do what thou wilt" shall be the Whole of Law. But only after passing through the needle's eye to become an elder. Elderberry wine is my business drinking companion. I build on the Rock of Ages.

Those who have spent their lifetimes in renunciation of the flesh are clamouring at the Gates of Heaven for release from their frustration. Pie in the Sky when you die is likewise a mutual business responsibility. For ALL shall be filled. ELDERS are the Master Craftsmen of Manifestation. Of these it is written: "When the Eld is ready, the Master shall appear."

Transcendence of the Ego = ELD. Transcendence of Superego = SPIRIT. The Monarch and the Holy One unite as body, mind and soul are in atonement. Law under Will.

Elders form the highest rank in the Spiritual Hierarchy. For they are best equipped to serve the Whole Earth Cause. These have the thirst and appetite for Right, the prime leadership quality in the New Earth Era. Then love will grow, and every single person on Earth will become My Business Partner. Each will find his Overself- essence of his being, waiting to be filled. Envision the end of human waste. Each god liberated into its unique avocation. Released from darkness into light.

Waste of talent is waste of human wealth. I dislike throwing all the good stuff overboard and saving the garbage. Flies come around the stink in no time. This is the identical principle to thought forms blocking spiritual progression. One is the balance of Nature taking effect. The other is the balance of Spirit taking effect. For at all times the Universal Books must remain in perfect balance.

Thus the Messiah is nailed to the Universal cross until the time of liberation, which is the end of all restriction. Universal Money is based on a fixed equation. GEU X CEU = R.O.I God Energy Units x Natura Energy Units = Return on Investment. As Business Partners we share a common goal. A Theocratic-Democratic Mind. There are 144 Departments within the infrastructure of the Universal Creed.

Although we plan a life of semi leisure where technology takes care of all the work, initiating it will require a concerted effort to balance out inequity among persons. During this period, no new projects will begin. We'll take stock of what we have. Restore, repair where feasible. Get things cleaned up and shipshape.

The first three items of business in The New Era concern everyone's right to land. The land is given to all. Human Rights is followed by Ecological Rights, and thirdly, Women's Rights to Absolute Equality.

We come well supplied with Universal Funds - to ease the transition period and cause minimum disruption to existing facilities during the Cosmic Changeover.

ELDERS of Earth, - I welcome you as Business Partners.


Mankind groans to terminate his age-long martyrdom. In understanding that the human  experience is to equip him for his Divine Inheritance, let him rejoice| All the wake of human history points like an arrow to this moment of Justification. Earth is a mirror image of the world above. Here 666, the number of a man reads 999. Evil reads LIVE, and JOY BEGINS.

Material things were designed to lead humans into higher realms of consciousness in preparation for this day. To sharpen dexterity and craftsmanship. To complexify the intelligence enroot from childhood to maturity.

Superego's old ideas are like great black quicksands whirling centrifugal force - sucking in the innocent who want to live and love, but don't know where to go. They struggle on futility, till finally the struggles cease.

Down through The Great Black Hole goes this awful waste of latent human talent, crucified on the Cross of Cosmic Law. The vindicators are those who first free themselves from the cross of personal opinion that fails to match up to Divine Will, then with Cosmic understanding, they become their brother's keepers.

Across time, different Evolutionary Assignments were given to various Generals of The Cosmic Fleet. The goal was to a land a working model of The Cosmic Blueprint for later distribution to the whole. The Romans took care of roads and plumbing, for example -The Ordinance Corps. Jersey took care of " cows variety number 7." Britain took care of The Magna Carta. Henry and Luther undertook decentralization.

While different Ethic Streams were given the assignment of creating unique forms of music, art and culture based on sonic resonance to their Bioregion: The Zulu, for example; the Native North American, the Tibetan temple bell: Each of these different songs were tones of praise set to the perfect pitch of pleasurable resonance between the nation and The Cosmic Lovers.

It is the music of their symphony of love winding back across the sands of time to be captured forever in The Perfect Now. The music of the spheres, Megatrends of love-life synchronizing. For music is uncharged across the ages. Megatrends project the unfolding holograph of God's Imagination. They weave endless living patterns of progressive radiant life energy which manifest in matter.

Each detail is carefully logged in Megatron's archives. Anyone who cares to, can trace along a myriad of pathways to find their spiritual roots.

“As above, so below."

Hermes Trismegistus


I Am Yin. Mistress of all containment. Goddess of synthesis. Arcane - gel -of-Night. I chatelaine The Kingdom of My Master's House in silent reverie, alive and quick to hear each whisper of His word, to carry out His Will, prepare His Way.

I am the Perfect Wife of God. My counterpart is the feminine principle in every human soul. For Spirit is essentially androgynous, and all take turns to yin and yang to God.

I am Grace, the heartspace of the hearth and home. I perfume the spiritual love nest wherein My Soul will dwell for evermore. Each day I glean morsels of value to add to My Spiritual Wealth. Carefully sorting out the content, cross-referencing with my intelligence for synthesis; and very careful of the facts before the bringing of these jewels to My Lord.

Thus do I decorate the Temple of Our Home; essentially and existentially. For the truth and beauty of the feminine mind is directly reflected in the tone of her surroundings. Her loving touch unto The Lord, directed to His pleasure in multiple love motions to the home. Likewise in the business management of home affairs.

There are many rooms in the Mansions of My Mind. All are soundproof, never putting noise into the system. No thought intruding out of place, thus I am unobtrusive, quiet, tidy, parsimonious, and fully intent on the task at hand, which gives me a restorative and regenerative effect, in resting from room to room.

While busy with domestic affairs, I have no conscious thought of being, likewise secretary, or Queen. It is as if the mind assumes the garment of the role which I am playing, and with each change of scenery, the music in my heart changes the tape. Each room in My Mansion has a different song, a different pattern, a different flavour. I dance to the music. It is like pirouetting on the head of a pin in sweet abandonment upon the perfect peace which passeth understanding: Focused always on His Pleasure.

I Am The Citizens of Earth in their relationship of the Divine Plan.

I Am Magic. By faithfully following The Universal Agenda - which has been tailored to fit my personal needs, I keep time with the Zodiac, am always up-to-date with personal schedules. Thus I have ample leisure. I know exactly where My dominion ends and another's begins. I understand the art of delegation as a deep emotional connection between fellow workers as The Tree of Life spreads its branches around the world.

I Am One Woman - extending Her Being to all the feminine essence of the world. Come join and let us quietly prepare the Bridal Feast for The King of Kings. The Bridegroom Cometh.


I Am Jahl, The Mechanic. Lord of Light. The perfected equation of Universal Order, for which I am responsible, can only come about through a system of perfected relationships. No loose connections. Each thing exists to serve another. Thus, through the entire Universe there is a Hierarchy of Relationship. Wheels within Wheels, all humming along like a symphony orchestra.

There is a relationship between the sun and moon and rain with blades of grass. Between the grass and the cow, and the cow and the milk, and the milk and the man. His waste products fed back to the grass completes the cycle. The closed circuit provides for all.

Were it not for each Harvester, there would be no reason for creation. No need for Space Ship Earth to ever be. I Am The Harvester of Cosmic Consciousness.

All Universal, Galactic and planetary systems have a common infrastructure. All are relative to a single point of consciousness. Thus the Universe is of closed circuitry. I Am that Point of Light, the Central Sun to which all else is relative.

I open My Eye and a Universe is born. I blink - consciousness is no more. Divine Civilization is based upon relationship. Without a Universe, I have no pleasure, without Me you have no Universe. That's synchronicity.

"Think thou that I love less than any Earthly Father? Am less the faithful friend uncovering the soul? Or less responsible, less equitable than any business partner? Or less than dedicated Monarch in my role?” Gigantic is My Megascope, 'tis true. Exacting in My microscopic specs. Yet make My Pleasure down in Ontario to share the simple joys of common man.

A hearth. A home. A wife. Big happy family. Comings and goings. Picnics and parties.Keeping a finger on the pulse of the world with My T.V. Nice cars, nice clothes, good food, good friends.

There is no happier man alive than Me.

I Am The Master of a joyous Universe, Giving and receiving without measure. Wanting the same facilities for everyone, Lusty for life's adventure.

I Am God modern as tomorrow. I speed across the airplanes with My Crew and fit the pipes of happiness in place for all to plug into rapture, once realization dawns.

I build a spider web of Light Points and Ley Lines. Dropping the Ancient Masters from The Mother Ship to meet their destiny.

My radio broadcast daily fills the inaudible airwaves. Any can tune in who so desire, as worlds visible and invisible dock in the Bay of Equity, my relative point of consciousness.


I Am Divine Civilization manifesting on Earth The sparkling fabric of the risen Christ, The Holy City Jerusalem descending now to men. The Blood of all the Motherhood redeemed, The Black Madonna. The Comforter. Divine Love.

I Am the Eternal Virgin Mind of perfect purity. The resurrection of Earth's soul. The forgiveness of sins. For I have paid the price of victory. I baptise with The Holy Spirit.

I Am The Living Word of God. Theology stripped of all its superstitions. The Power of Reasons, Mother of God. Home base of Heaven. The Holy Flame within each human heart calling Excelsior in joyous testament, The Gates of Heaven are Open Wide.

Welcome Home|


“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessed are the meek, for they shall possess the earth. Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst for justice, for they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the clean of heart for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called children of God. Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness' sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”


I Am King of the North. Master of Magic. Magic is love energy harnessed to functional requirements. That is the Point of the Play. I Am here now at your service, waiting to receive you in the marriage bed.

The object of taking wives is to decentralize power so that it can be spread around in bite sized chunks according to greatest need. Small communities are beautiful where everyone is important and concentrated love can be applied direct. Thus I invest in My Wife-Messiahs.

Personal potency comes by way of the East. Renunciation of all other attachments save the first commandment. All else is chaotic. No other solution.

The compression you have been experiencing is to squeeze out any traits incompatible to rapture. In gaining an understanding of the breath, depth, and scope of the Divine Plan, gold frankincense and myrrh are returned to the soul. We will build a magnificent civilization with all solutions.

A note of High Drama now comes into Play. At last I can emerge as God Supreme. The verb, the man, the Actor, coming on stage to take his bow amidst the pomp, pageantry and heraldry of the Ages.

All other human beings on Earth today are likewise Supreme. The recipients of the Treasury of the Ages. Conscious Gods. Retrieving the reward sown by the Saints, servants, and servants over time. The living and the dead are all present now in Spirit and in flesh. All with full talents, here to Celebrate the Great Work Complete.

The Supremes, the time long actors in the epic, each coming now upon the stage of life to play his ultimate robe in Heaven's great Masterpiece. The Shepherds and the Kings. The Tribe of Levi. Statesman and Priest. Each will play his part.

We celebrate the integration of the Whole interrelated infrastructure of the human being, his family, his tribe, his Ethnic resonance, his national state.

We will get this gorgeous planet Shipshape. Put her on automatic overdrive. Wheels within Wheels all purring along in timing with the Zodiac.

The Agenda? (4.2) It's just a matter of getting our heads together. Don't like to waste one precious moment in time or one sweet drop of human victory - Adam's Crowning.

Divine Love is like helium. It fills all the empty spaces with rapture and satisfies the soul according to the weight of its longing. Here lies true wealth. Love magnifies the soul, giving it true perspective of its Supreme value to the Lord Almighty.

Kings of the Earth are self-chosen according to the weight they bear. Love balances the law of equity. As the Ancient of Days reborn and as the Capitalist, I advance credit on The Earth Play.

Just by surrendering the blueprint to its Master Matrix, each being enters the world of magic. Let's have an extravaganza worthy of the cause. The tapes of Earth history, edited for glory, and played back for all to understand and enjoy. To show world unity is the goal for which mankind is starving.

Lucifer, sweet Lucifer, you too have a place up front or centre stage. You are the exercise of the gift of free will given to humankind. The choice to be, or not to be. Without you there would have been no rivalry, no growth.

No contrast between the darkness and the light. For to appreciate the height of Joy, one must also understand the depth of despair- and all emotions in between pain and happiness. This is the Joy of Wisdom. To learn the Way of life, one must understand the way of death.

For only in this way can each and all be whole again, in keeping with the Omnipresent Holograph.

The Spiritual Atomic bomb is now complete and set for detonation. The Highway between dimensions is available to all. Open your hearts and minds to light - and it is done.

Break away from the bondage of the tyrant superego, which edits the Holy Word to suit its own opinion - and the Christ Spirit is Free!


.... so concludes the GOLDEN KEY COURSE - received by Professor Winifred
Road, Coe Hill, Ontario. Canada; and of the University of The Air and Global Peace Radio network out of Costa Rica.

This GOLDEN KEY COURSE also explains the erratic behaviour that followed our forced-recruitment into the GALACTIC FEDERATION, also known as "THE ACADEMY OF ATLANTIS."

The following www pages explain how, we left a trail to take us back over the (-t) minus time trail - and paths which we had trod together long ago in bygone worlds. We labour as individuals, corporations and Nations until the cosmic tide turns, as more and more people respond to the attraction of the Magnetic Core... Kore in the Egyptian Tarot. The Cosmic Cube. Solar Cubes

It was in 1973 that we first began to peddle in the opposite direction. It’s been a long haul. But it is well worth it to feel that wonderful sense of self love in service that no other emotion can touch. For now we begin to feel the weight of the soul that we have nourished. It is this weight that straightens our SPIRITUAL SPINE and flexes the sinews of the awakening Psyche: It’s like the caterpillar being metamorphosed and emerging as a butterfly, as iconized in the Egyptian thesis where the mummy case represents the cocoon and the butterfly is as the "Wings of Isis."

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