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Global Communities Directory

EarthGlobal Communities Directory

Global Community Links is about building sustainable communities for the future of our children. This site incorporates philosophies and experiences regarding developing holistic communities, spiritual connections and extraterrestrial involvement in planetary administration.

Research into ‘Communities’ has provided the following links. Some are actual sites, some are papers regarding particular subjects. Please use the form at bottom of page to submit additional links and/or categories. Some links may be repetitive. This list is in no way complete and hopefully will continue growing. Please provide feedback.

Thank you for your support and this visit.

Community Directories

Peacemakers Communities

New Age Directory

EcoVillage Directory

Building Better Communities Network

Intentional Communities Directory

International Network of Forests and Communities

Communities of Mobilization

The Federation of Egalitarian Communities

Directory of Christian Websites

Creative Communities

Cultural Creatives

Eco Living Center

Center for Creative Communities

Center for Community-based Theater

Cyberspace Communities

Progressive Portal – Activism Online

Connetted Communities

Dot Planet Communities

Lycos Community Members Communities

Computerworld Community

Design Principles for Online Communities (paper)

Hosting Web Communities (paper)

MSN Communities

Netscape Communities

Smart Communities Resource Exchange

Virtual Communities – Abort, Retry, Failure (paper)

Groupware Virtual Communities

Webgain Communities

Educational Communities

Holistic Education Network

American Studies Communities (Georgetown University)

ATLAS Communities – mold-breaking for educational environments

BioScience Regional Communities

Communities of Practice

Institute for Global Peace Work

Transnational Communities Programme (Economic and Social Research)

McAuley Institute – Building Healthier Communities

Creating Learning Communities Online Resource Center

Open Society Institute – Criminal Justice Initiative

Institute for Sustainable Communities

National Environmental Training Center for Small Communities

Learning Community Commons

Southwest Educational Development Laboratories

Threatened Species and Ecological Communities

University for Human Goodness

Funding for Community Development

Rebuilding Communities Initiative – Annie E. Casey Foundation

Request for Proposal for the Livable Communities Grant Program

California Statewide Communities Development Authority

Infrastructure Information Resources

Catalytic Communities – support for low-income communities

Community-Based Natural Resource Management Network

Center of Excellence for Sustainable Development

City of Austin, TX Sustainable Communities Initiative

Coalition for Healthier Cities and Communities

EcoVillages Sustainable Communities

Sustainability Toolkits for Communities

Firewise Communities – wildland and urban interfacing

International Information Programs – Global Issues (electronic journal)

Green Communities Association

Energy Communities Alliance

Sierra Club Livable Communities

Partners for Livable Communities

Rural Empowerment Zone and Enterprise Community Program

Transportation for Livable Communities Network

United States Environmental Protection Agency – Green Communities

The Commission on Global Governance

Indigenous Communities

Cree Communities

Stories from the Elders – Multi-media

Foundation for the Law of Time

Native American Online.Org

Earth Dancing – Traditional Shamanism

Wolf Lodge Cultural Foundation

Nemenhah Band & Native American Traditional Organization

Intentional Communities

Aquarian Concepts Community

Healing Biotope 1 – Tamera

Findhorn Foundation

United Nations Genesis II

One Community – An Intentional New Thought Community Project

Nuclear Survival with Intentional Communities List

Utopian EcoVillage Network in Ecuador

Therapeutic Communities of America

The Intention Experiment

Living the Field

Interactive Communities

Communities of the Future

Communities Against Violence Network

New Civilization Network

Something Weird Is Going On – Wanderers

International Communities

Center for Sustainable Regional Communities – Australia

MSN – Spanish Community

New Zealand Communities

Autonomous Communities of Spain

Living/Working Communities

Camphill Soltane – Special Needs Community

Design Earth Synergy

Crystal Waters Permaculture Village

Dancing Rabbit EcoVillage

EcoVillage of Loudoun County, Virginia

Kookaburra Park EcoVillage – Australia

Rosneath Farm – Australia

Valley Farm EcoVillage – New Zealand

Spiritual Communities

Hindu Communities

Bahai Communities

Bruderhof Christian Communities

United Communities of Spirit

United Jewish Communities

I Am Valley Community

Youth-Centered Communities

Communities Can! – Georgetown University Child Development Center

Growing Communities for Peace

Youth Empowerment

Genesis – An Educational Village for Tomorrow

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