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Hollyweird… 2001

FrontNoteI had a very interesting time in Los Angeles during a most tumultuous time for the United States in the summer/fall of 2001. I cannot, in all good faith, verify all the complete details of what I am about to share. I did, however, observe that the events were apparently real. I was more than an observer in the process. I participated in many of the things I am about to offer as ‘information’ for your discretionary tastes. I will attempt to report these events as best as possible from a place of simple observation with a few poignant questions here and there. Please understand there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ frame of reference in this material. Just consider the information with an open mind. It is best not to judge because it clouds our vision.

The object in the corner slot is a thumbnail of a scan of a $100,000,000 Federal Reserve Note (one of thousands) that were printed in 1934 to help bring the US out of the depression. Apparently they are real and the US Treasury Department is well aware of them. As the story goes, a relative of Ferdinand Marcos and widow of Paul H… (member of shadow government turned good guy) held several hundred of these Notes by way of some very interesting circumstances. Suffice it to say that some of the funding resources for black ops were now in the hands of the good guys. We all know of these ‘black ops’ programs now, just not the extent of which they are operational. If we did, they would not be ‘black ops’ anymore.

I had been asked to come to California to help facilitate several projects that could have some far reaching results. I met some people that were hoping to fund eco-regeneration projects with Paulownia trees as a featured product. These trees are absolutely phenomenal as building materials and reforestation tools. As things would have it, the group was attempting to find a way to cash out or redeem a single Federal Reserve Note to start the process. They were also including an eco-village concept utilizing geodesic domes with solar, wind, and water power generation. A bank in LA was interested but was evasive about actually doing the deal. It was a very complex and potentially high impact scenario, not just in the realm of eco-system regeneration.

On a whim during a weekend trip back to Phoenix to visit my sweetheart, knowing an ex-Treasury Agent, I made a phone call to find our more of the ‘truth’ behind the Notes. I e-mailed a copy of the scan and he forwarded it to an associate in New York whom he thought would know the definitive truth. He was skeptical and thought it probably was a fraud, yet graciously sent it on for verification. Like me, he puts his own belief aside when there is lack of definitive information, and asks someone that is in possession of more qualified knowledge and understanding. He admitted that if they were real, there could be a wonderful change in the direction of humankind. Alternative energy resources with environmental considerations had not been considered ‘profitable’ by Big Business to date.

I went back to LA early Tuesday morning. A couple of days later there was a call from a bank in New York that was interested in the Note at seventy-five cents on the dollar. They were willing to work with the established banking relationship in LA to consummate the process. These facts were relayed from the liaison working with the widow Hunter. We were hopeful to say the least. Years of research and diligent work was on the verge of becoming a viable project. If this worked, there would be nearly trillions of dollars available for redistribution into the economy for the purpose of helping restore environmental and social balance. Imagine the jobs that could be created from such an effort. Alas, it never came to pass.

This was at the end of August, a month after I returned from Chile and co-produced Gaia-Fest on August 18 in Pacific Palisades, CA in 2001. The rest of the story is naught because a few weeks later the Towers came down and all negotiations ceased. The entire country clamped shut and financial institutions pulled in the reigns on anything outside ‘standard business practices’ it seemed. We are a conservative nation still and change or shock from catastrophic events puts us on guard across the gamut of business and personal fronts. But there is more…

The sky is falling?

Immediately after the event a barrage of related information passed around the Net that supported the notion that this indeed was a ‘biblical’ prophecy being fulfilled, including so much numerological cross-referencing that it really made your head spin. Shortly after the 9-11 tragedy a resurgence of the National Economic Stabilization and Recovery Act was launched. This same Act was used to recall all the gold on the market in the US during the Great Depression. Much confusion still resides about the Act. It was being used as a ‘sword of truth’ throughout the Internet-based conspiratorial movement. Supposedly there were many ‘White Knights’ who were poised to assist in the revealing of ‘dirty deeds done cheap’ and other nefarious activities of the ‘government’ and ‘military industrial complex’ in an attempt to garner support of the American people. The ‘objective’ was to restore financial order among the population by establishing silver and gold coins, treasury credit notes, forgiving debt and abolishing the Federal Reserve.

The ‘Dove of Oneness’ [self-proclaimed spokesperson] mentions nothing of the Federal Notes for exchanged in their messages, although it could be construed that the information was indeed part of the Dove’s report. Much of the material was written in such a way as to leave gaping opportunities for creating gossip or rumors of great things happening. Some thought it nonsense. Others raised an eyebrow. Even others accepted it as gospel. The result was the same. Everything stopped for time. It seemed rather odd that with all the talk of NESARA and the ‘White Knights’ that we (the group) would be on the brink of initiating a release of potentially trillions of dollars and then be so dramatically halted through some kind of ‘terrorist’ act. You won’t find this information anywhere else unless others of the group decide to publish their recounts of the experience. For all I know, it could be just a bunch of hooey.

Now there are some strategic elements of the 9-11 event that eventually made it into mainstream communications through other brave souls. From a purely strategic view, the event not only allowed an administration to rally a nation to seize territory that had previously been abandoned while building a transnational natural gas pipeline (Unocal-1998), it also stopped the potential of trillions of dollars being released to the general public for use in positive action toward social and environmental programs (possibly ‘White Knight’ activity). These are the results of those ‘plans’ that ‘someone’ has been making for some time, it would seem. These things don’t just ‘happen’ overnight. Ask any strategist worth their salt. There are numerous videos on the web that detail some very disturbing information that backs up much of the claims of the Dove. Our potential windfall just happened to be at an unfortunate time, too, or was it? We’ll probably never know the truth, but it will no doubt be stranger than fiction.. Lot’s of things changed almost overnight and the world become surreal in the wake.

My research showed that this ‘act’ [NESARA] was used just after the depression to call in all the gold and our economic structure was shifted, over the next decades, to faith-based currency. NESARA and the Dove of Oneness seemed to appear out of nowhere, taking full advantage of the scenario to paint a picture of financial and social messiahship… saving the day for those unwise enough to handle their own financial and personal accountability. Nothing had appeared before the WTC towers came down – anywhere – except some Net references to the Act being used to call in the gold and silver during the depression. Those references have since been removed or made inaccessible. Curious, eh?

I find that the tale is continuing to spin, just not so much talk about it in the wannabe world server circles. Today there is nothing backing US currency but faith in it as a viable currency. It is backed by the Federal Reserve which by some standards has been bankrupt for some time. This is much the same as a process called ‘free-issuance’ that bases new economic currency on the faith of the people in its value for exchange. Do you really think that an Act that was once used to ‘call in’ the gold and silver will suddenly be reversed to give it all back? Yet, proponents that are hoodwinking a growing population around the world would have you believe just that… NESARA will fix all the economic problems.

We already know that the ‘spindoctors’ of the current regime [Bush Administration and beyond] do their best to keep our eyes and ears off the truth of what is really being accomplished. That isn’t necessarily always a ‘bad’ thing. We are often ‘protected’ from potentially harmful information because we don’t have the intelligence to understand it fully, nor its ramifications. Sometimes a few facts leaked are worse than knowing the whole truth because inherently people fill in the gaps in information with negative thoughts or feelings, forgetting that there is a potentially positive side, too. However, when it comes to continuing the abuse of our planetary resources when we have all the scientific data necessary to show that this is not a positive path, our leadership tends to demonstrate what one might term ‘insanity’ in this matter.

Poor planning and preparation has led to many inconsistencies in governmental affairs. The Military Industrial Complex has technology beyond our wildest imaginations (or most of them) that is directly involved in population and weather control. New information is revealed monthly through many hi-tech publications and resources. From my time working for a DOD (Department of Defense) contractor I know implemented technologies by the MIC are usually about 15 years ahead of public domain release, just to make a point about timeliness. People as consumers are limited by the selection of consumables on the market at any given time. Break-away technologies from the norm are costly in development, let alone the production costs necessary for efficient distribution and sales.

Surprisingly enough, just like all the virus hoaxes that no one checks before passing on the information, NESARA’s ‘gift’ is nothing but deceitful manipulation and puts good people on hold… doing nothing…waiting. Or, if we look deeper…it shows us who is truly selfish and lacks initiative to act on their own. How better to keep control of potentially threatening folks than by keeping others ‘waiting’ for something to happen…doing nothing but talking about the ‘coming announcements,’ etc., an obvious strategy that degrades our ability to do good works. What seems ‘right’ does not always meet with the protocols of governmental, military, or political leadership. Yet this ‘possibility’ continues to reverberate among the realms of potential beneficiaries who either don’t know what to do or are just too lazy to do their own work, let alone figure out how to get things done through collaboration. The picture is not pretty, folks. If you see something that needs to be done… do it!

Tragedy or Tribulation?

Regarding the WTC event. Some people saw amazing things in the flames and smoke of the buildings. Others, without being able to verify the authenticity of the video, caught a mysterious object as it appeared out of no where and flew between the Towers at the moment of impact of the second plane into the second tower. Of course, with current digitization of images and the ability to manipulate video, it could be ‘doctored’ to add more mystery to the mayhem. What if it wasn’t, though? For some time, this was the only angle I’d seen, but there is also a newscast that featured it somewhere on YouTube. What if the notion that the buildings collapsed through pre-planted implosion devices is true? What if the ‘acceptable losses’ were a strategy of engagement to take a country’s military off to do the bidding of big business instead? If the infrastructure of the corporate world is such that nations can be manipulated to serve their strategic plans, then what hope do we really have for the average citizen who just wants to be helpful and provide for their family? Do we have to invoke a tragedy to become closer to each other?

After the catastrophic event, which was a great image for moving the masses, the financial market ran scared of the repercussions and the world’s economy was threatenedfaces[2] for the first time ever, not from threat of war or loss of human life, but from the threat of loss of data and information. Yet in the face of such human actions, these figures (at left) seem to suggest that things were happening on a wider scope and perceivably by their appearance, the chain of events are in much larger hands than what we know. Or was it just coincidental clouds and vivid imagination? Exactly what the ‘full story’ was we may never know, yet the notion of some beings appearing for all to see could be spun in many directions. I personally like to do what makes sense in response, to at least know that what happened was way more than most of us could realize in the ‘spectacle’ that got everyone’s attention. There are probably many reasons why. A good theoretical strategist would raise an eyebrow at least. Hmmm, what are all the possibilities? What if we flipped the emotion and asked what good may come?

Still, think of what can be done with the exchange of these FED Notes as a matter of reconciling the books and providing some stimulation to the economy through the appearance of debt service to the US or Federal Reserve deficit. After all, it is only a matter of digital information now and figures can indeed be adjusted accordingly. It would also make sense that an oil-based military industrial complex economy would be threatened by such a move, seemingly with no options for adjusting their market or shifting to more environmentally compatible products and services. However, did you know that hydrogen is a by-product of gasoline production? Has the appearance of ‘hybrid’ cars on the market made a difference? Even if a huge change in fuel resources was made, do you think that those in power now would have any less involvement in the economic factors? The MIC and Corporate agendas are not going to disappear, yet they can be redirected to a much better human and planetary resolve.

California now has many hydrogen-powered vehicles that are literally cleaning up the atmosphere. Why? Because the emissions of hydrogen-powered vehicles is simply water vapor. The major obstacles in hydrogen use is that it is expensive to produce outside the oil and gas industry, and requires high compression to make it usable in any kind of quantity for vehicular consumption. In its liquid state, it requires an enormous amount of effort and expenses to maintain its storage ability. So, what if we were to launch a grass roots effort to put people in office that were trustworthy and would uphold commitments made to the American people through the actions of their government? What if we had people that really cared about other people they might not ever know? What if a concerted effort was made to find good people and vote them all in? Money and power, corporations in bed with politicians, might not matter as much eh? Imagine what a concerted effort could do? Truly, do we want to focus on what’s disturbing or incongruent? The people do have power and it would appear the times require some involvement.

It only makes sense that, in a matter of a decade, the whole political scene could change for the better if we only made the effort. Not only could Paulownia or Kanaf reforestation occur, many other eco-system regeneration products and projects could occur, along with alternative fuel development and retrofitting of existing vehicles with minimal costs to the consumer. Reformation of education and our social services could be immensely improved from the benefit of the creation of a whole new wave of jobs across the spectrum of talent and skill sets that are currently on the market today. The ‘dumbing down’ of American students might come to an end. Critical thinking could match that of European schools or even be coordinated through the use of the Internet toward collaboration across and beyond boundaries, engaging a global citizen in preparation.

Many, many things could be addressed in healthy ways. People need to make a choice to change their belief systems and let go of ‘false systems’ like NESARA and others. Any systems that requires its subjects to give up their power is subject to scrutiny. It isn’t that they don’t mean well, even in their proliferation through the consciousness of mankind. It is great to ‘think’ that someone or something will all of a sudden make a huge impact on society. The reality is that it takes plans, projects, and consistent steady work to make those changes happen. We all know the logic behind rapid weight-loss programs. They simply don’t work. It takes concerted effort to take the weight off and maintain healthy habits. The same goes for our indebtedness… it takes concerted effort and hard work, gathering realistic healthy programs to affect the change.


I believe I have my facts straight, although I’d be willing to be proven wrong, but I don’t know that I’m qualified to draw a definitive conclusion at this time. I hope you are challenged enough to do your own research. I only desire the truth and empowerment of people to act in accordance with their birthright – free will and full knowledge. What I find is most people do not like to think…. period. Wise use of information and technology is what will make the difference for the planet and its people in the 21st century.

The thing is, it takes us all working together to create this wave of change. As long as there is a ‘battle’ over the validity of NESARA, the effect is still the same, nobody moves and no progress is made. That sounds like classic ‘Art of War’ strategy, straight from Sun Tsu, dividing the people amongst themselves, turning them against each other, while operating something completely hidden from them in the background. It wouldn’t surprise me if many so-called ‘channelers’ (psychics on steroids) began to bicker amongst each other, too, showing that they really aren’t that hip with their connections to Source. This discovery process is full of challenge, yet interestingly enough when you remove the ‘lle’ in the middle (could stand for liabilities, limitations, and excuses) it becomes change. We grow through adversity or rather our character is revealed through it.

Righteous action (right use of will) takes our undivided attention, clean and focused on activity, whether inner or outer sometimes makes no difference. In my opinion, it is best to plan and act as if we need only do the work, and the rest will unfold. To argue about some ‘ACT’ is simply absurd. Stepping outside this ‘belief system’ is like being in a ‘genius moment’ where the fruit of your action bestows blessings beyond imagination. First we have to be able to see it as a real possibility and believe that it can happen, an effective planetary administration that is. Then the work needs to get done, of course.

In a shameless plug I like to use the term ‘jobarchy’ here; the job is the boss and everyone wins. There is no ego without Wego, to put it humorously. A few dedicated people can indeed change the world. That is what has happened to date. Imagine what would happen if thousands or millions united? It is going to take time and effort, combined with skillful planning and execution of project plans. Rising above the current circumstances with solutions is where the actions take place. There are many that are just waiting for the opportunity to present concepts and ideas that can lead us into this millennium with style and grace, managing seemingly chaotic moments in order to craft the path to harmony among people and planet, inviting all to BE THE DREAM.

***Disclaimer – The intent of this work is to get YOU to THINK LOGICALLY & RATIONALLY. Intuition comes later. The author takes no credit or offers no further explanations or sources of information to the above exploration of ‘possibilities’ put forth in this document. Any or all parts of it may or may not be true. Discovery of the reality is up to the reader through their own research and work to ascertain the validity or non-validity of the information presented here. To begin the process of your own empowerment, check out this Life Coach.
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