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We’re All Alright


Some years ago I crafted a website that garnered some huge numbers at the time, 25,000 a month. It was 2001 and folks were thirsty for the information I shared then, evidently. I had no concern for monetizing it at the time. It was about caring and sharing, and the information was leading-edge for bridging material and spiritual worlds, including some off-planet interactions many were having at the time. It was incredulous to even consider interacting with other worlds then, but now things have changed and many have become more comfortable with sharing their inner and outer worlds. This website now is a continuation of that work.

The Work began for me in 1988 with the founding of Be The Dream, a company I hoped would lead the work of bridging personal and professional best practices in the corporate world I was entranced by at the time. I was managing a commercial spares desk for an aerospace company that provided assemblies to mainframe manufacturers in the worlds of commercial, military and space programs. It taught me a lot about how to work with people, places and things to accomplish goals.

So now the work continues and I’m hoping to provide a bit more structure to my meanderings so that the funnel is right side up. Previously on Be The Dream… it’s been just the opposite. Enter the gate and who knows where you’ll end up there was so much stuff. It is still is a lot of stuff and the creative nudges haven’t let up. Here’s an initial piece to set the tone for the continuing development of the .NET environment.


            A truly empowered, egalitarian, purely democratic, and caring community, at all levels, managing the essential infrastructure for sustainable living and development of future technologies. A community that truly presents collaborative solutions for any and all dysfunctional systems, which demonstrates harmony among people and planet.


To actively seek, gather and inspire individuals, groups, organizations, companies, corporations and countries to cooperate synergistically in creating harmony amongst our global society through the synergy of psychospiritual and scientific technologies in order to provide the solutions for implementation of a working model educational village to demonstrate these principles.


To create and empower local, regional, international and interstellar information exchanges for networking pertinent activities toward building a global infrastructure of interdependent organizations enabling the creation of model communities presented as Genesis in The Vision. This conference is designed to facilitate the implementation of action plans we have all been waiting for, combining the power of corporate R&D programs, educational development and community design.


Through the collaborative and cooperative efforts of individuals and groups we will demonstrate that intent with action will allow the naturally present unity among people of/with purpose to express through the diversity of all peoples, bridging cultural and historical differences, coalescing our willingness to work together toward common healthy goals for youth, our planet and ourselves.


We solicit individual, corporate and educators’ participation in the development and implementation of stated goal. This leads to the creation of sustainable communities synergizing psychospiritual / scientific technologies, which will facilitate the implementation of solution discoveries into existing systems, such as educational institutions and social services.


The time has come where partnering for profit must change. We have neglected basic needs of our fellow humans in order to command corporate goals to be more important in the concept of human achievement. Human nature is to care for our families, whether immediate or extended. Concern for the extended family has become an important issue in nearly all planning areas for business, corporate, educational, social and spiritual environments. This fact was made even more evident with the tragedy of last September…as disturbing as it was.

The unification of people and resources for effective community and planetary administration is imperative for our sustainable future in local and global applications. We need to shift our focus to fulfilling basic human needs first, including corporate agendas in this process and ultimately preparing our world for inclusion into universe affairs with the help of our interstellar neighbors.

What YOU can do:

Read The Vision, inquire about Building Community, get involved with an organization that is aligned with your passion, find Sponsorships for networking our collective concepts and conference capacity. We can continue on our own personal paths with renewed hope and inspiration, knowing that we will be successful because we are all pulling together now. We are all connected… each has a piece… time to share.

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