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Happy Times – A Love Story

Luba and Zen are Getting Married!

After a 20+ years apart and coming from different sides of the earth, Luba and I finally found each other last year. We think our story is rather inspiring, even magical. Perhaps you will, too. Maybe it will give you hope that your ‘one’ is on her or his way. The joy is indescribably delicious.

A few weeks before we met I had a dream of hugging a woman and feeling like we merged into one being. There was no visual, just the sensation. I’d never experienced that before and my dreams and/or visions of folks about to enter my life have been consistent throughout my life. The sensation was so present and powerful that I returned to visit it for almost a week, until it subsided.

I asked Luba to marry me within weeks of our first meeting after spending hours and hours together with magical overtones and virtually no hiccups. Without hesitation she said YES. We deliberated for months on setting a date. I was concerned that she didn’t think I was serious, so I surprised her, on the Spring Equinox, and took her to the City Clerk’s office to get our marriage license.

The Clerk got giddy at our love story, too, as we got our marriage license.

I don’t know if you found ‘the one’ for you in this life, but the preparation and wait is so worth it. Luba (which means ‘love’ in Russian) and I met through some circuitous and magically delicious circumstances. Both of us had been working on ourselves for years, going deep within our own psyches to find balance and centeredness in our personal lives. I think that is what has to happen before ‘the one’ can show up. We have to be personally happy with life as it is, period.

Our love story, in part…

I’d met a guy at an outdoor music festival through another friend. Brent told me about this Kundalini Yoga teacher training program he was in that was kickin’ his butt, and that he was graduating in two weeks. He invited me to his graduation a week later. It was on October 28th (2016) and I felt it important to be there. I thought it might be a perfect place to meet someone, if my dream had any significance.

When I first arrived I was surprised to hear someone yell out my name with excitement. It was woman who had been part of my discussion groups whom I hadn’t seen for a while, two days older and fellow Cancer. After reviewing time apart, she felt there was someone I needed to meet and urged me to join the group that was assembling.

Little did I know that Luba was graduating from the Kundalini Yoga teacher training program, too. Sometimes people are invisible until you are supposed to see them. I hadn’t even noticed her until she walked in front of me in the back of the studio as the ceremony was about to begin. There was no eye contact and yet my heart literally did a flip inside my chest when she walked past. I knew something was up.

I didn’t linger on the event as the ceremony began and eventually the graduates were called up, one at a time, to receive a certificate, a small plaque and then given the floor to share their ‘I Am’ statements. When it was her turn, I heard her name… “Ah, Russian,” I thought, “Cool!” I watched intently as she received her certificate and gave her statements. Her accent was indeed Russian, although she spoke perfect English.

Once everyone had their moment, some closing words were said and the ceremony was over. I had to introduce myself somehow, but I felt a bit shy. I released my fear (almost 60 and still shy) and stepped up to her, not realizing that everyone else had moved toward the front of the room. We were completely alone, like the heavens had just parted.

Our first meeting was so comfortable and familiar that it was a spooky cool, even though she asked me right away if I was ‘reading’ her because my gaze was a bit intense. I don’t blink much and apologized if I seemed intense. She wasn’t offended. In fact, she was intrigued. I found out later her heart was doing flip-flops, too.

It seemed only fitting that she would be from Russia as my life has been about creating harmony among people and planet. It was so perfect that she was from a country that supposedly is our arch nemesis. As I found out more, they really are not. Americans can be so short-sighted and unaware. But I digress…

Long story short, after a month seeing each other nearly every day, I invited her to move in (with her mother and son) in December. At nearly 60 (she was 48), I knew we would be in for some intense moments as we got to know each other as only living together would provide. Would our personalities coalesce or collide? I can only say it was magical, even a bit mystical. She teases me when I get teary-eyed still. Hey, a guy can be sensitive.

The spiritual paths we had traveled were apparently parallel. Within a few days of our meeting we’d spent many hours together sharing our stories and observing each other. The similarities were uncanny, down to the postures we had when relaxing and even the near inaudible sounds we made in response to events happening around us. The list she found on characteristics and traits of ‘twin flames’ (a male and female half of a divine relationship that is ONE) and the evidence of them was a little overwhelming and yet undeniable. One can dream, right? It came true for us.

Now this isn’t anything like the ‘you complete me’ kinda thing. We were complete within ourselves. We’ve done a lot of serious internal work. That’s why I thought the Kundalini Yoga graduation might be a good place to meet someone that would vibe with me. Our relationship has allowed us to share intimate secrets of how we think and feel about life, love and creation so tender and vulnerable few ever have the opportunity to experience.

We immediately thought the Autumnal Equinox would be the perfect time, but where? Our first thought was the top of Bell Rock near Sedona, AZ. Shortly afterward an old friend recommended someone and we made the journey up, got some amazing photographs, and realized it wouldn’t work for our witnesses. We were sore for days.

Ascent Accomplished – The View from atop the famous Bell Rock!

After a few other checks into other outdoor spots in the area we returned the idea of Bell Rock, only on a lower level. It would be easier for everyone and we could wear the special clothing of our choice. So September 22 it is… right around 1 pm (time of the actual equinox). We’re so excited!

The point of all this is that we know friends and relatives, near and far, might want to share the excitement with a gift. We talked about this for a while, neither one of us being real comfortable asking for things. That is changing as we empower each other to continue to rise to the occasion in our professional lives. She as an amazing piano teacher and leader in her musical community and me as author, coach, facilitator, radio co-host, web wizard of sorts working with the small business community.

So if you feel like honoring us with your gift, no matter how small it might be (we know folks have more pressing priorities), we’d be so blessed to receive it. We are so grateful for finding each other and beginning the second phase of our lives together as ONE.


btw… Rush is our favorite band, so the $2112 seemed appropriate. 🙂

A repeat and opportunity to contribute await…

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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